РКЮО | RCLS | Русско-китайское юридическое общество | Russia-China law society
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About RCLS

The Russia-China Law Society is a non-profit organization, established on the basis of the Faculty of Law of MSU named after M.V.Lomonosov. The main aim of the Society is the development of Sino-Russian relationship in the field of law. We strive to nurture relatioships between legal professionals of Russian Federation and Chinese People’s Republic.


Few yers ago, before the official “Eastward Turn”, while on the Beijin Legal Conference, MSU professor Alexander Molotnikov was shocked by the fact that he was barely the only Russian to attend the event. There were many specialists from other countries: the US, Great Britain, France, Brasil, South Africa, Australia… That was the moment he understood, that Russia needs to create Russia-China Law Society.

RCLS goals

Lao Tzu once said: “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”. Bearing this in mind, we thoroughly make our first steps, which will help RCLS to achieve its short-term and long-term goals. The results of our work are the following: Russian legal science enriches itself with new knowledge, the legal society gets new talents, prepared for work with China, and Russian economy acquires a platform for cooperation with our big Asian neighbor.

Activity Reports

We diligently maintain records of all our achievements over the past years, as the basis of an effective cooperation with Asia is formed of collected knowledge and experience. RCLS has been functioning since 2015 and thus been consistently documenting its work. We are willing to narrate about all that we have achieved, trying to develop legal cooperation between Russia and China.


  • Russia-China law society in association with Lomonosov MSU Center for Asian legal studies presents you the second issue of Asian tech news and analyti...




      What do we do? We engage in research in the field of Asian and Russian law. We organize discussions on problematic matters on the main discussion platforms of both countries. We publish books and conduct analytical studies.


      The Society assigns a crucial part to the training of specialists in the legal field. Under this course, we cooperate with the leading scientific and analytical centers of Russia and China, as well as with the worldwide famous universities. In order to help students, we organize internships and its very own educational courses.


      Important conditions for stimulating economic relations are the following: diffusing knowledge of law and conduct of business in Russia and Asia, boosting legal understanding and sense of justice. Considering this, the Society conducts public lectures, shoots documentaries and popular-science videos.


      The Society is a platform that can facilitate the entrance of companies to the Russian and Asian markets. In particular, it is done through sharing legal opinions, the conduct of legal research, as well as assistance in the selection of an experienced law firm specializing in a specific issue.


      The activities of our Society have elicited response among organizations that pursue goals similar to ours. We cooperate with many non-legal companies that are interested in developing legal cooperation between Russia and China. One will find among our partners universities, think tanks, mass media, and discussion platforms. We are proud of our partners, and we keep an open mind to any cooperation proposals.