Russia-China Law Society | Representative Ofices
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Representative Ofices

Representative office in Vladivostok

Address: 5a,Uborevicha Str, Vladivostok

Chief Representative: Dmitry Kafanov

Tel: +7 (423) 265-19-01


Vladivostok is one of the most promising cities of Russia, a true outpost of Russian culture, science and economy. Nowadays the city is turning into a world trade center, helping to cultivate committed relations with Asian countries. The venturous projects Russia is carrying out in Vladivistok, including the Advanced Special Economic Zone and the Free Port of Vladivistok, are enlivening trade and investments. All these will require legal services of high quality, based on fundamental research in the field of Asian law.


Representative office in Irkutsk

Address: Office 901, 105, Baikalskaya Str, Irkutsk

Chief Representative: Georgy Sereda

Tel: +7 (495) 637-44-07, +7 (495) 637-39-70, +7 (495) 637-41-28


Irkutsk has always been a connecting link between the European Russia and the Far East due to its advantageous geographical location. Numerous trade routes of the past passed through the city, heading to Mongolia, China and even Alaska. No wonder that Irkutsk is playing more significant role in modern relations with Asia. Nowadays Irkutsk Oblast appears to be a promising region, which appeals to Asian investors.